Body wave perms are great to achieve thickness, the desired waves and can totally glam up your looks and you won't have to deal with hot rollers or curling irons for a while. With the latest technology, you are free to experiment - the new perms ensure gentle processing for strong, healthy hair. It is advisable to contact a hair specialist if you want successful results, but if you want to get it done at home, there are several home perming kits on the market that guarantee good results. Here are some useful tricks on how to proceed before, during and after getting a body wave perm: Everything depends on the texture of your hair, if your hair is incredibly straight choose large rods to create natural waves, those with a slight, natural wave you'll need to place the rods to the bottom layers of your hair. If you have very curly hair - especially African American hairstyles - the perm can be useful in relaxing tight curls, creating a softer and straighter effect. Don't perm your hair if it has been recently color treated. Postpone the process for 2 weeks in order to let your hair rest. The day before the perm treat your hair with a clarifying shampoo - it will eliminate any build-up from your hair. Read the instructions of the kit and follow them carefully. bodywavepermTest the rods you want to use on a piece of hair - it will give you a general idea of the actual result. In this particular case use large rods, if you are satisfied with the size of your waves use them. According to specialists for straight hair types cylindrical or straight rods should be used, to get the most natural wave pattern. Wrap your strands around the rods and apply the perm chemical in order to preserve curls in your hair. This will give flexibility to your hair and will imitate the shape of rods. When time is off, take out the rods and spray the neutralizer into your hair, that creates a protective layer to preserve your curls into the permed shape. Do not brush your curls for a couple of days after perming, it will only spoil the result. Avoid pulling your hair back or up into a ponytail or bun. Let your curls loose for a couple of days. Washing your hair right after perming is forbidden, wash it at least after 48 hours. Do not plan your perming on rainy or torrid days, extreme weather conditions can spoil your freshly permed hair. If you stick to doing this at home, please use plastic clips because metal ones can easily react to the perming solution and can damage your hair. If you have bleached and excessively colored hair should avoid perming. Don't deteriorate your hair more than it is already. Wait 2 weeks after the perm of your want to dye your hair, to let hair rest and to avoid any hair color disasters. Don't treat your hair with various treatments, use rather a conditioner specially designed for your chemically treated hair. When blow drying your hair use a diffuser. A body wave perm will last from 3 to 5 months, when you prepare for the following perming process, prepare your hair for it by applying protein-rich conditioning treatments.