How to Use Hair Styling Mousse

The hair styling mousse is a brilliant multitasking product that works wonders on all hair types. Don't be afraid using it and learn how to use it to make the best out of your hairstyle.

For fine hair types and short hairstyles a golf-ball sized blob of mousse will be sufficient when styling, while medium to long hairstyles will need a satsuma-sized one. Very thick hair types may need a bit more, but always add a little at a time, so you won't overload your hair with product.

Styling mousse is great to add volume and bulk to fine hair types. Work mousse through towel-dried hair applying from roots to ends. Dry hair on a medium setting, lifting it up from the head with a large barrel brush if your hair is medium length, or a paddle brush for long hair.

When hair is nearly dry, work some more mousse into the lengths and ends and scrunch with hands to give them some texture.

Mousse can also work well to enhance and define naturally curly hairstyles. Apply some mousse to the roots, mid-lengths and ends of damp hair. Add your diffuser attachment to your blow-dryer and on a medium heat/speed setting, gently cup your hair into the bowl for a few seconds at a time before moving to the next section.

Repeat until all the hair is dry and avoid touching your curls with your hands as this will make them frizzy. To ensure your curls won't drop, give your hair a quick blast of the coolest setting or use the cool shot button to set your style.

Women with short haircuts can get great lift and texture in their hair using styling mousse. To style, comb mousse through damp hair and set your blow-dryer to a medium heat/speed setting and blow-dry using fingers to work through as you go.

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