There are several ways to wear a wig, out of fun or necessity. But how can you make it look as natural as possible? Professionals claim that you must choose a proper wig and the overall look depends on how you wear it. The following tips will show you how to make wigs look natural. - It is very important to making wigs look like natual human hair. Have you seen people with extremely shiny and volumized hair, sure you knew it was a wig. Human hair wigs can be styled just like your own hair, without looking fake. Moreover you can easily wash, iron and comb it without any effort. wearing-wigs- If you have some hair to be covered under the wig, you should ask your stylist to cut it short. This refers to those who wear wigs constantly not for special occasions. Place the wig carefully to your head. The process is the following: hold the back of the wig in front of you, then slide it all the way to your head. Settle the wig until the tag side sets to the nape of your neck. Be careful to set the front line of the wig to your natural hairline. Don't pull it over your ears. - People with short hair have an easy job in covering their hair with the wig. Those with long hair must wear an additional wig cap to ease their job. It is important to care for your wigs, especially if you have human hair wigs. Brush them starting from the ends way up to the roots, even if it's curly. - It is easy to find a stylist who'll cut your wig according to your face shape and style. Invest in new hairstyles and haircuts in order to update your look. If you wear a human hair wig, you can style in lots of ways. Use curling or straightening irons, rollers or any other tools to create versatile hairdos, this way you'll give a fresh appearance to your wig. There are special styling products designed for wigs. Use these to create various styles, apply some on the strands then brush the wig with a wig brush.