How to Create a Vintage Pompadour Updo Hairstyle

Vintage hairstyles look amazingly hot due to the sophisticated allure they bring. If you want to be the attraction of the evening go for a vintage pompadour updo hairstyle which will give you and edgy yet uber-glam look!

The vintage pompadour hairstyle look seems to be hard to forget as the fabulous '50's style remains timeless. The '40s and '50s have become powerful sources of inspiration for hairstylists and fashion designers so if you are wondering how to create a vintage pompadour updo hairstyle look no further and inspire yourself from the following steps.

The pompadour has inspired hairstylists to recreate the vintage look for women as well and the result is absolutely amazing. If you're a style junkie and want to learn how to create a vintage pompadour updo arm yourself with the right hair styling tools and a bit of patience, as the result is well worth the effort.
Celebrity style icons Christina Aguilera, Rihanna, Gwen Stefani and Alicia Keys are only a few celebrities which found the pompadour perfect for different red carpet events so inspire yourself from their style and experiment with a stylish vintage updo.

Pompadour Vintage Updo HairstyleHow to Create a Vintage Pompadour Updo Hairstyle

For the pompadour to be styled one needs to benefit from long healthy tresses which are kept in great condition. Healthy hair has a certain eye catching shine which is a must when it comes to hair beauty and especially an edgy updo such as the pompadour so keep your hair in great condition by using the right hair care products for you. Before you start styling your fab vintage pompadour wash and condition your hair to make it softer and easier to style.

Use a clean towel to wrap your hair in so the excess water from your hair is absorbed and apply a tennis ball amount of hair styling mousse (if you have extra long hair, if not use a smaller amount) throughout your tresses, distributing it from close to the roots until the ends using a comb. Blow dry your hair.

Next separate using a rat tail comb the hair on top of the head, taking the arches of your eyebrows as guiding points of guidance. Clip the hair on top using a hair clip or some bobby pins depending on what hair accessories you have.

Hair by Eleven Hair

Hair by Guy Kremer

After you have pinned the hair use a comb and gather all the hair neatly centered back and twist the hair into a fabulous French Roll. Pin the French roll with bobby pins from the top, as well as sides so the roll will not come undone. If you can't create your own French Roll have a friend help you.

With the rest of your hair, which you have clipped on top, close to the scalp, try to create a lovely hair roll using your fingers. Pin the roll using bobby pins and apply some hairspray to ensure the hair will stay in place and that you don't have any flyaway hairs.
Spritz some shine spray on your tresses and enjoy you fabulously stylish vintage pompadour updo.

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