How to Use the Triple Barrel Hair Waver

Wavy hairstyles are very popular this summer and the triple barrel waver can help you get this look in minutes without too much effort so learn how to create the fabulous hair waves using this cool hair styling tool!

The new trends in hair styles have lead to the development of new or improved hair styling tools and products, which are meant to help you create a variety of different hair styles in a shorter amount of time.

One of the trendiest hair styling tool this year is the triple barrel waver which can help you create fabulously stylish soft waved hairstyles in no-time. Learning how to use the triple barrel hair waver can help you create new and stylish, popular hairstyles as wavy hairstyles are very in this year.
In order to create a wavy hairstyle using the triple barrel hair waver you need to have a medium or long hair length, as hair length is necessary in order for the tool to work its magic.

Do keep in mind that this is a heated styling tool so a thermal protection spray is necessary if you wish to prevent your hair from damage. To create fabulous soft waves on your tresses try to:

  • Wash your hair using a hair shampoo destined for your hair type and apply a conditioner if necessary to moisturize your hair and allow it to detangle easier. Rinse your tresses well as blow dry the hair straight using a round brush.

  • Part your hair horizontally from one end to another and pull the hair on top up, securing it using a scrunchy or any other hair accessory which can hold the hair into place. Take a 2 inch wide hair sections, not too thick and not too thin, and spray a little bit of hair spray over the hair strand to give the hair a little bit of an extra hold.

  • Make sure your hair waver is plugged in and ready to use, then place the section of hair between the plates. Start about 1 inch away from the scalp so you will not feel the heat given off by the hair waver. Clamp the weaver into place and hold for a few seconds.

  • wavy hairstylewavy hair with tripple barrel waver

  • Move downwards with the waving process but keep in mind to place the first barrel in the last wave to ensure the same length waves are created, avoiding asymmetrical, harsh lines.

  • Follow the same steps until you have finished the hair strand and move to another ensuring you maintain the same distance from the scalp and the same waving steps.

  • Once you move up towards the crown of the head turn the hair waver slightly upwards to avoid creating a flat look, which will not be flattering.

  • In order to receive a more natural look, use your fingers and separate the waves as you desire. This will create a soft and natural looking hair style that will capture everyone's attention through its perfection.

  • In order to achieve the perfect wavy hairstyle, healthy hair is required as only healthy tresses can receive the right posture, movement and shine the hair needs to stand out and make you look gorgeous.

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