Ke$ha Hairstyles

Every woman wants her hair to look fabulous and stylish and Ke$ha can be a great source of inspiration when it comes to hairstyles especially if you love gorgeous low maintenance hairstyles. Find out how to recreate Ke$ha's look.

Celebrity hairstyles have always been a great source of inspiration for women all over the world, and Ke$ha hairstyles are inspiring teenagers from all over the Globe. This gorgeous blondie has debuted in the entertainment industry with a great song which has become an international hit. “Tik-Tok” has managed to climb into the American Top Carts rapidly, making Ke$ha an attraction and an inspiration for women who love being stylish.

Ke$ha hairstyles make her look unique and with an incredible amount of style. Her “don't care” stylish look is enveloped in a great amount of attraction and it's not difficult to see why this youthful blonde bomb shell has made it to the top. Her hairstyles, her vocal abilities, her music and her fashion style is the perfect combination for a star.
Ke$ha's style is characterized by an 80's retro appearance which is quite popular this year. Retro hairstyles as well as fashion styles have made a comeback in 2010 so Ke$ha is definitely in the trend.

Ke$ha hairstyles are not very diverse as it seems to stick to only a few styles. Her long hair length would allow Ke$ha to style her tresses in a variety of ways but it seems this American beauty likes to opt for:

Messy long hairstyle
The messy look is very popular among pop-rock stars and Ke$ha seems to rock this style. Messy hairstyles are not only super easy to create they are also filled with style and individuality. This type of hairstyle can be considered a statement hairstyle as a certain message can be transmitted. People who don't care about what everyone else is wearing and who exude confidence work this style best.

Messy hairstyles can be created on all hair lengths, but look best on long hairstyles. To recreate Ke$ha's messy long hairstyle you will need:

  • hair layers

  • styling mousse

  • blow dryer

  • Layers cut through the hair allows different strands to fall at different lengths creating an incredible effect. There are a variety of hair cutting techniques so choose one which suits your hair type best. Apply a moderate amount of mousse in the palm of your hand and using your hands carefully and uniformly distribute the mousse throughout the hair while scrunching it. If you want to receive more hair volume apply some mousse close to the roots as well and flip your head down while scrunching. Apply hot or cold air on your hair while still scrunching the hair using one hand. This will allow the mousse to fixate and the hair will receive the messy look desired.

    Loose wavy hairstyle
    Loose wavy hairstyles look fabulous and can help soften the facial features to obtain a very feminine look. This type of hairstyle can easily be recreated using different methods depending on personal preference. Hair rollers, flat irons and curling irons can e used to create loose gentle hair waves. Flat irons create more gentle waves using a certain technique which involves twisting the flat iron while moving in a downwards direction of individual hair strands.

    Hair rollers need to be of a certain dimension to allow the hair to be loosely curled. The size of the hair roller is directly proportional with the size of the curls, so large hair rollers will create large, loose curls. Curling irons with a large barrel used for a few seconds can help create loose, gentle hair waves.
    Set the hair with a little bit of hairspray after the waves have been created and your hair waves will help you look fabulous.
    Take Ke$ha as an example when it comes to hairstyling and you will look fabulous every time.

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