Lovely Bob Hairstyles Ideas

Bob hairstyles are increasing in popularity due to the variety of styles available so check out these following bob hairstyles ideas for all hair lengths so you can find the bob that suits you best!

Bob hairstyles are vintage hairstyles which have managed to maintain their popularity level high regardless of the new trends which have caused other hairstyles to be dethroned. The simplicity and elegance these hairstyles exude, allowed them to become as popular as they are today and this has lead to the development of a variety of bob style variations, which are meant to suit different hair lengths and hair types.

There are a variety of lovely bob hairstyles to choose from and it is just this variety which can make your choice much more difficult. However, if you are looking for a perfect hairstyle you need to pay attention to a variety of important details such as face shape, facial features, personality, hair type, etc. Bob hairstyles are ageless and can suit teenager girls as well as older women so choose the bob hairstyle that suits you best. You can adapt the bob hairstyle chosen to suit your preference and give it a more “personalized” look by choosing a stylish hair color.

In order to make your choice easier we have selected a few lovely bob hairstyles to inspire yourself from as they are hot and can allow you to radiate beauty:

Short bob hairstyles

Short bob hairstyles are a perfect choice for women who love bob hairstyles but have a busy schedule and can't afford spending too much time styling their hair. Unfortunately this type of bob hairstyles suit only women with straight or loose wavy hair so make sure your hair type can pull off a short bob hairstyle. Bangs work fabulously with short bob hairstyles so choose the bangs style that suits you best. You can go for side swept bangs as well as blunt cut bangs as both styles look great and can enhance your stylish appearance.

Medium bob hairstyles

Turning to a medium length hairstyle can allow you to benefit from a greater amount of versatility when it comes to hair styling this is why most women who want a relatively low maintenance versatile hairstyle turn to this hair length. Medium bob hairstyles look great and allow you to choose between these two options: a medium layered bob or a medium blunt cut bob hairstyle.

Both styles look equally hot so you can choose the style that you feel most comfortable wearing. The best thing about medium bob hairstyles is that they can suit most hair types, from sleek straight to soft curly.
Bangs pose a great alternative when it comes to medium bob hairstyles and there are so many bangs styles to choose from so choose to add bangs to your new hairstyle if bangs suit you.

Long bob hairstyles

Choosing a long hair length will allow you to be so much more diverse with hair styling, so you can adopt a different look every time you wish. Choose this type of bob hairstyle if you have sleek straight or soft wavy tresses as the hairs straight/wavy look will help enhance the beauty of the cut.

Choose a layered long bob hairstyle or a blunt cut long bob as both styles look hot. However keep in mind that your face shape will be framed by this type of hairstyle so make sure the style suits your face shape. Choose to add bangs or just crate a center part to allow the hair to flow gorgeously downwards. This type of hairstyle is perfect for all occasions so you will always look amazing.

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