Match Hair Color and Makeup

When choosing your hair color make sure you take into consideration several aspects such as skin complexion, the color of your eyes and eyebrows, the hair texture, age, and many more. Passing from one hair color to another means also changing the palette of colors you normally use for your makeup. As makeup has to enhance your most beautiful features and hide certain flaws, you need to learn a few rules that could help you know how to match hair color and makeup.

Before deciding to change your hair color, you must also wonder if you can make changes in your makeup palette. If you are used to the old makeup colors, think twice before going blonde or brunette. You could also apply a temporary dye in order to get used to the new hair and makeup colors. However, before changing make sure you know how to match your hair color and makeup.

Blonde. Regardless the blonde chosen, you'll need light pastels for your makeup. Avoid dark colors for your blush, lipstick, eyeshadow and black eyeliner, which might be too strong. You should also avoid matte nudes as you may look washed out. Use instead shimmery, gray, taupe, ivory and pale pink for the eyes, and brown eyeliner and mascara in order to bright up your complexion. For the lips, neutral colors compliment blondes, and medium shades of pink or peach work well. For the cheeks choose pale pink and peach. For a night out, blondes can dare more, and go for silver, violet and white eyeshadows.

Brown/Black. Darker hair colors can make the skin look rather pale. Therefore, pastels and other pale shades can give you a more serene look. Choose deeper colors for the blush and lipstick in order to set a contrast with the skin complexion. For your lips choose brownish pink, rosy pink or bluish red. You can be more daring and go for a darker pink for your lips. Neutral shades of brown look amazing for the eyes especially if you are looking for a more dramatic and sexy appearance. Brunettes are the luckiest as they can work a dramatic look like no one else by emphasizing the makeup of their eyes and leave the rest simple and natural. For a more natural look, if you have blue eyes, use warm colors, while for brown eyes you can choose blue or lilac.

Red. As red creates a warm aspect, you will want your makeup to do the same thing. Therefore, for you eyes select warm, autumnal colors such as olive green, caramel, chestnut or honey. Choose gray, reddish-brown or dark brown eyeshadows. As everybody knows redheads look amazing in green. So, you can try a green eyeshadow, as it will make a perfect match with pale skin and red hair. Avoid pink and blue eye shadows as they don't flatter you especially if you have a pale complexion. If you have hazel or green eyes, the best option is a rusty brown mascara. As for the blush, warm shades with orange undertones, such as apricot pink, peach and light coral flatter you the most. For the lips select peachy hues, apricots, sheer corals, or a raisin-colored lipstick.

Gray. Gray is a color that adds a sophisticated and sexy touch to your look, and it can darken your skin complexion. Therefore, in order to light up your face use vivid colors in cold tones. Choose a white eyeshadow and blue eyeliner. For your lips go for coral, red and pink shades, while for the cheeks opt for a pale pink, apricot and red blush.

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