Megan Fox Wavy Glam Hairstyle

Megan Fox has always looked flawless as she is a natural beauty who knows the importance of physical appearance and hairstyles. Find out how you can recreate Megan Fox's wavy glam hairstyle so you can look just as fabulous.

Megan Fox wavy glam hairstyle looks absolutely fabulous as it has a certain vintage appeal. Vintage is in and Megan seems to know how to put her best assets into value. Being a sex symbol of the present, Megan needs to look fabulous every single minute as she manages to so seemingly effortless.

Because wavy glam hairstyles are hairstyles which attract attention and create a very elegant look, it is necessary to learn how to create them so you can look fabulous with every occasion. Megan Fox's wavy glam hairstyle is definitely an “IT” hairstyle of the moment so here are the steps to help you recreate her gorgeous look.

Megan Fox wavy hair

  • wash your hair with volumizing shampoo to remove any dirt off your tresses and to allow the hair to receive a clean and high volume appearance. You can use your favorite brand of shampoo just ensure to wash your hair properly to avoid tangling or hair damage

  • apply hair conditioner on your hair avoiding the root area. The conditioner will allow the hair to regain its smoothness and moisture

  • part your hair on the center if your face shape can work with a center part or choose a slightly off center part if you can't pull off a center part

  • apply a heal protectant on your entire hair to avoid hair damage from heated styling utensils you will have to use to recreate this lovely hairstyle. There are a variety of heat protectant products for the hair which can be creams or sprays depending on brand. Choose that brand that appeals to you most

  • to avoid frizz, as it can ruin any hairstyle, apply an antifrizz serum through your hair. The antifrizz will prevent your hair from poofing and losing it's style

  • blow dry the hair using a rounded brush to enhance the hairs shine and to allow it to receive a straighter look. The hair will also receive a bit of volume due to the blow drying technique

  • to give the hair the lovely wavy finish use a large barrel curling iron. The bigger the curling iron the better the result as the looser waved the hair will appear. Curl sections which are approximately 2 inches wide and hold each curl until it cools. Tousle the hair with your fingers once you have finished curling your hair to give it that wavy glam look

  • Megan Fox wavy glam hairstyle looks absolutely fabulous and perfect for any occasion. Choose to dust a little bit of shine spray over your hair so the receive the glossy glam look you are looking for. Looking like Megan Fox will surely come to your advantage so try to experiment and be versatile with your hairstyles.
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