Multi Tone Hair Color Ideas

Choosing the right hair color for you can make the world of a difference so choose a multi tone hair color that will suit your style perfectly!

Hair color can play a very important role when it comes to your hairstyle, this is why a variety of hair color shades are available on the market. Skin tone has a determining role when it comes to selecting a hair color as not all skin tones are complimented by all hair color tones. The right hair color is meant to suit the complexion perfectly and enhance natural beauty to the max.

There are a variety of hair color ideas to choose from and multi tone hair color ideas are one of the hottest. Unfortunately multi tone hair color is not for everyone as it is a magnet when it comes to attracting attention, making this type of hair coloring perfect for women with a powerful personality and a great amount of confidence. Knowing how to wear multi tone colored hair is a must if you wish to be admired by everyone.

Before going for the desired color combination make sure that the colors collaborate beautifully together as this is the only way you will be able to achieve a harmonious look. There is a fine line between choosing a fabulous muti colored hairstyle and a hair color disaster so think things through well before making your choice. Turn to a professional hair colorist for advice as they are well trained and can offer you the advice you need to look fabulous.
To obtain this type of hair color you can choose from a variety of styles and shades.

purple and black hair colorhair color

For a more subtle look
If you are not all about color and want a simpler, less complicated, and less colored hairstyle choose a two tone hair color that will suit your complexion perfectly. Choose a dip dye hair color as this can offer you an amazingly interesting and modern look. If you have bangs you can choose to color the bangs differently and leave the rest of your hair colored in one uniform shade. Blonde and pink, blonde and blue, blonde and black, blonde and green are the most popular shades used today.

To get the desired effect a great amount of contrast is necessary between the two hair colors.
Choose hair highlights which are a few tones lighter or darker than the base hair color and this will help you look great while still maintaining a more subtle look.

cool hair colorhair colorpurple hairhair color

For a more dramatic look
If you are courageous and want to underline your individuality and style you can choose to incorporate three or more hair color shades into your hair. There are a variety of vivid colored hair color shades you can choose from such as purple, red, green, blue, yellow, orange, etc. Choose the shades that suit your skin tone and base hair color so you can stand out in the most admirable manner.

Make sure not to go too bold with the width of the multi tone shades as you need to create a colorful but well balanced look.
Maintain your hair color vivid for longer by using hair color protection hair products. They are meant to allow your tresses to look fabulous for longer being more gentle on the hair color.

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