New Glam Hairstyles Trend

Take a peek at the new glam hairstyles trend so you can look fabulously stylish for different formal events as they are definitely unique!

The look of the “femme fatale” is very in this year and the best thing about it is that it can do wonders for women with short as well as long hair. The new glam hairstyles ideas are absolutely fabulous; the vintage elegant style of the tresses enhanced by a gorgeous vintage makeup style can lead to a perfect formal look which stand out and takes you towards the Marilyn Monroe times when elegance and beauty could have been seen at their best.

It is absolutely amazing how much the hair styling industry has evolved, in the attempt to shorten the hair styling time while maintaining the same level of beauty created by greatly styled tresses. The new hair styling tools and products can do wonders when it comes to your hair so obtaining different hairstyles every time you wish is not difficult.

Christian Dior 2010Christian Dior 2010

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Soft waves styled through short medium as well as long hairstyles can be the easiest option you have in obtaining a glam hairstyle. The soft finger waved style is one of the most adorable looks this year and obtaining the wavy style is no longer a difficult thing, thankfully to the development of the hair waving iron, which acts similar to a curling iron but has three barrels which “mould” the hair into shape.
Soft, gentle and glam looking hair waves can be styled on all hair lengths and the waves can be set with a little bit of hairspray.

If you have curly hair wash the hair prior to styling, apply a deep hair conditioner in order to allow the hair to become softer and more flexible, after you will need to use the round brush to blow dry the hair straight. This way the hair waves will be able to stand out and make you look fabulous. Fashion designers such as Christian Dior showed just how much hairstyles can aid the look of an outfit and the hairstyles created for his 2010 spring summer collection are definitely a great source of inspiration for all women.

vintage wavesvintage hair

The new option for this glam hairstyle is to allow the hair to fall loose around the body, in order to obtain a more natural look, as naturalness is one of the hottest things this year. Part the hair sideways or as it suits your face shape best and apply a shine serum to add more glow to your hair strands.
For a more sophisticated look you can try a vintage finger waved updo hairstyle but creating a perfect one will require a bit of skill. Turn to a professional hairstylist for best results as they are well trained in creating gorgeous hairstyles which suit your facial features best.

Using a waving iron or triple barrel waver

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