Party Hairstyle Ideas

A party is a special moment that requires stylish and feminine, yet extravagant hairstyles that can draw all the attention. For a party, your hair should be as important as a piece of jewelry or a fine perfume. Whether you choose waves, chignons, hair with volume or different hair accessories, party hairstyles should be fun, flirty, feminine, sexy, glamorous and especially reflect your personality. Therefore, a party is the ideal occasion for you to put your imagination to the test and try different looks.

A party is a special occasion for a woman to try hairstyles different from what she usually wears. This is the perfect moment for you to play a role and turn all eyes on you. Whether you are choosing to be the innocent, romantic girl, the femme fatale, or the rebellious and non-conformist girl, there are hairstyles that match every personality. Nevertheless, don't forget to choose a hairstyle based on the outfit and accessories, and especially according to the face shape and face features. Regardless the hairstyle you pick, this must flatter you and enhance your beauty.

Bohemian waves
A bohemian look is perfect if you have long or medium hair. If you have curly hair, bohemian means soft waves. In order to get a romantic look, wash your hair, and apply hair mousse before blow drying your hair. Then, use a styling wax so you define and balance curls, and add volume in the same time.

For straight hair, after washing your hair, apply a spray for texture and use the curling iron. You can also use hot rollers. Leave them for about ten minutes and remove them gently without ruining the curls. Apply some hair spray. For a more glamorous, bohemian chic look, you can wear a headband with sequins.

For a '40s look, you can loosely secure the curls at the back of you head. Use the curling iron and make sexy curls that you'll gather into a loose bun at the nape of the neck. Make sure you keep the volume of the locks and use hairpins to secure them.

Chic chignon
A chic chignon can be adopted by feminine, glamorous women with long or medium hair. A bun flatters every face shape. Start by washing your hair, use rollers in order to add volume to the roots.

Rapidly blow dry your hair before making the chignon. Create a banana bun that goes up to the crown of the head. Make a low ponytail and hold it with your hand, without securing it with an elastic band. Take the hair up and twist it in one side like you were trying to hide the hair. You will need hairpins in order to secure the hair every time you twist it. Apply hair spray.

If your hair is not long enough, you can use hair clip-in extensions. Make a ponytail and secure it with an elastic band. Clip the hair extension. You can play with colors and choose a different color than that of your natural hair. You can add glittery accessories.

Glamorous bob
If you have a bob hairstyle, you can get a glamorous and diaphanous hairstyle in just a few minutes. In order to get the look you just need a styling mousse, a special serum for shiny hair and a curling iron. Apply some hair mousse starting from the roots till the ends. Make a side part.

Leave the roots straight and use the curling iron only on the ends of the hair. As a final touch, apply serum for shiny hair on the ends.
For a more androgynous, masculine look, try the slicked back bob. You just need some hair gel. Start by slicking your hair back using gel and then use your fingers for texture.

Extra volume
For a party, try a look that perfectly balances a baby doll and femme fatale style. You'll get a sexy and elegant look that you can match with a smokey eye makeup. This is a perfect hairstyle for straight hair or slightly curly hair.

Avoid the look if you have thin hair. You don't need accessories, you just need to add a spray for shiny hair. After washing your hair, apply a generous amount of styling mousse.

With your head down, blow dry your hair insisting on the roots for volume. After blow drying the hair, apply some hair mousse again. In order to add more volume you can use a round brush and curl locks of hair, which you must blow dry starting from the roots. You can also use some big rollers. Loose the curls and remove rollers. Back comb the hair until you get the sexy look you want. Apply hair spray.

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