Purple Hair Color Ideas

Hair color can absolutely transform your looks so pay attention to details and create the combination that suits you best. If you are searching for a new look check out the following purple hair color ideas as they are hot and popular.

We all love hair color and why wouldn't we; it allows us to change the color of the hair into any shade, color any gray hairs and match our skin tone to enhance natural beauty. Because the hair dye colors developed nowadays vary widely you can select the shade that you think suits you best. One of the latest trends in hair color is purple and there are a variety of purple hair color ideas to inspire you.

Choosing the right type of purple is a must if you wish to obtain a look which enhances your beauty and boosts your self esteem and you can go as light or as deep as you wish. Purple is a really popular shade this year when it comes to fashion as well as hair color so you will not only look great you will also adopt a very stylish and trendy look which will capture attention.
In order to obtain exactly the desired shade it is essential to turn to a professional hair colonist as purple is not your traditional hair color. To obtain the right shade you need to have the right base color as well as the right mix of color. Knowing exactly how much time is necessary until the dye creates the effect is also a must so turn to a professional for best results.
In order for you to select the perfect purple hair color for you we have put together a selection which can act as a great source of inspiration for your new daring look:

Black and purple hair color

Women with dark colored tresses can opt for a purple hair color as black and purple hair looks absolutely stunning. There are a variety of options you have when it comes to obtaining the final result from purple underlights to an all purple hair color. Keep in mind that the black base color will not allow the purple to be as intense the result being more subtle but equally fabulous. If however you want a more daring combination, by making the purple more intense you need to apply the hair dye on bleached hair as a lighter base hair color will help the hair receive a bolder coloration.

Blonde and purple hair color

Blonde tresses are highly popular due to their sexy look but if you are searching for a more trendy look you can choose a purple and blonde hair color. Because of the hair light coloration the purple hue chosen will reveal itself beautifully so it is important to keep this in mind if you wish to obtain the desired shade.

Choose lavender if you have a platinum hair color or a hair color that leans more towards white than blonde and a darker purple if you want a more powerful look. Make sure your base hair color matches the purple tone hair color you have chosen so the result will be a favorable one. Go for panels of hair color, underlights or highlights, whatever suits your style best as all hair coloring techniques create lovely results.

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