Quick and Easy Hairstyle Updates

We all have a hectic lifestyle and a busy schedule that doesn’t always allows us to visit the hairdresser too often. While for an everyday look, a simple hairstyle works just fine, for more formal and special events that require a certain elegance, finding the right hairstyle can become a real challenge. This is why it is important to learn a few tips on how to change your look in no time and still look sophisticated. Check out to these quick and easy hairstyle update tricks and get ready to make the most of every situation.

As sometimes desperate situations require desperate solutions, we usually find ourselves in an enigmatic situation when is difficult to find the perfect hairstyle for a certain event. As tricky as this might seem, keep in mind that you can update your look without needing any professional help. With just a few basic tips, changing your look has never been easier. Waves, curls, or teasing are some of the most at handy saving solutions you can resort to.

Making a short haircut is one of the hardest decisions ever, especially if you have very long tresses. This is why, a bowl cut would be a very smart intermediary option. This type of bowl cut works amazing for soft hair. It beautifully enhances the eyes especially if you have an oval or triangular face. Try a modern style with slightly asymmetrical sides, one longer and the other one shorter. This bowl cut represents a very easy styling base. You can also choose a classic bowl cut that you can style in a edgy rock way. It will be a high-impact appearance especially if you play a little bit with your makeup and choose a stronger one.

As we have said before, this type of bowl cut can be the perfect starting point for different hairstyle updates. For example, you can pass from this straight, smooth version to a wilder, yet very glam one. You don’t need magic in order to obtain this stunning result, but some time, patience, and a few styling tools. Therefore, a curling iron with a thin barrel or a special brush would do. Make some sexy, tousled waves and use your fingers to set them in place. Depending on the result you are looking for, you can get an extremely effortless, just-rolled-out-of-bed look. On the other hand, if you are more the romantic type of girl, why not to try making beautiful curls? However, in order to get the bohemian look, don’t keep the curls very well defined and tousle them for a messy, yet very feminine look.

If you have a layered bob that means you are into modern and chic styles. You can easily style the look just using a round brush. In the same time, it is so versatile and practical as you can play with different versions, such as romantic or more savage looks. If you want to keep it straight, you should leave a few locks of hair in the front in order to better enhance the beauty of your face shape. Another great option would be the graphic bob, with sharp lines and a shorter styling that you can style with precision-cut bangs. Keep in mind that graphic cuts are extremely flattering on petite features.

A layered bob ca easily be updated and the result will be a glamorous touch in no time. If you have a layered medium-length bob, you can choose a wavy version so you can add fluidity to your hairstyle, but also play with volume and add movement. Curls will always reflect sexiness and mystery. Moreover, on a layered bob, curls will add sophistication. Therefore, take your curling iron and get ready to change the look in a few minutes. Remember to apply some heat protection serum before using the curling iron. Sexy and chic curls in seconds! A shorter bob can easily be ruffled-up with the curling iron and your fingertips.

This fake bob in a straight version is one of the most elegant choices for both a daytime look and a more special evening event. The straight version is so sophisticated adding elegance and a chic retro feeling to your look. A fake bob is just a haircut styled based on a bob. However, when you just don’t know what to do with your hair and you are in a hurry, this is so easy to update. With just the minimal styling tools and basic styling skills, you’ll be able to change your look every day without too much effort.

If you are looking for a more relaxed look, try to make some waves into your fake bob. With just a few easy steps you’ll obtain soft, messy waves. Use just your fingers and some styling mousse in order to give a natural touch to your hair. Or the more non-conformist and daring types, the rock-glam version is the perfect solution. Straight and set back on the head, you’ll certainly get a femme fatale look. Besides being very chic, this hairstyle gives a fresh feeling to your look, which is perfect for special daytime or evening events when elegance is the key word. Try it and you’ll turn heads!

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