Pinned Back Flip your head upside down, spritz a little bit of hairspray and scrunch your hair. Flip your head back up and tease the roots where you will pin your hair. Take some thick sections of the hair in the front, twist them around and pull them towards the teased area. If you pull one section of the hair from the side then next pull back a section from the opposite side. Pin each section of hair to the teased area using bobby pins and dust a bit of hairspray on each section. Make sure the pins are secured tightly so they won't come loose. Finish by dusting a bit of shine spray. Bumpy hairstyle Using a rat-tail comb or your fingers separate a section of hair in the front of your head, above the arches of your eyebrows. Tease under the section a bit, twist it and pull it back. Secure the section with a small hair clip or two bobby pins crossed like an �X�. Using your fingers pull some hair up from the section to create a small bump. Brush the rest of the hair using a bristle brush and spray a bit of hairspray to set the hair. High hairstyle Using a comb or your fingers separate your hair from one ear to another. Tease the hair from the front section at the roots. Comb the surface of the hair to smooth it and pull it back into a pony. Secure the ponytail with an elastic. You can wrap a tiny bit of hair over the elastic so it doesn't show and secure it with a bobby pin. Put on a thin headband and you are ready to go.