Saving Solutions for Hairstyle Problems

Every woman had to deal, at least once in her life, with the feeling of having mistaken when choosing her hairstyle. Moreover, you must have to face a bad hair day that totally indisposed you. Everything stands in the haircut you choose, which has to suit your hair type, facial features, and lifestyle. However, you should know that there are saving solutions for every hairstyle problems. You just need to learn a few tricks that will help you save a bad hair day and transform all the stress caused by a wrong haircut in something that belongs to the past.

Every woman wants to have a perfect hairstyle all the time. In order to get this one must learn a few essential tips that will help you find the solutions for your hairstyle problems. Therefore, you don't need to stress and just rely on simple tricks that will save the day.

  • Too many layers. Long layered hair is a very feminine and versatile cut that allows you to play with different sophisticated hairstyles.
    Layers cut into hair are perfect if you are looking for more volume for your hair. But, what happens when your stylist does too many layers into your hair? In this case hair might look too thin, you still have several saving options. First of all, you can cut your hair shorter and wait until it grows back. However, if you think that this is a too drastic solution, you can apply other useful tricks. For example, in order to add volume and body to your hair, make some waves or curls. They will give you a glamorous and sophisticated look especially for an evening event. For a more casual look, try a tousled, effortless hairstyle.

  • Hair too short. Sometimes it might just happen to get a shorter hairstyle than you have expected. In this case, you don’t have to panic as there are solutions for this problem too. And don’t forget that human hair grows with about 1,5 cm monthly. Moreover, many women are sexy and look very sophisticated with short hair. One solution that really works is using different tricks to draw the attention towards other parts of your body, such as using lighter makeup colors for eyes and lips. If nothing satisfies you, go for hair extensions. Don't choose too long extensions, as the difference might be shocking.

  • Bob styling problems. For a modern and beautiful bob you need to know a few styling tips and tricks that will make you look chic. As usually a bob is too short to be secured and make buns or other elegant hairstyles, you need to choose the right hair accessories to style it.

    For a straight bob, a jeweled headband is a perfect accessory. For a more sophisticated look, you can create a body effect by backcombing the hair at the crown of the head and straightening the rest. For a curly bob, retro styles work perfect. You can go for a ‘20s style keeping the curls at the nape of the neck, or on a ‘50s style with cascading curls around the face.

  • Bangs. When choosing bangs, you need to consider various essential things, such as hair type, face shape, lifestyle and personal taste. If you don’t like your bangs, you can always solve the problem with some imagination. Backcomb and secure it close to the crown of the head using two hairpins. Another smart alternative is to use ‘80s style headbands that can totally change the way your bangs look. You can also braid your bangs sideways and secure them with pins.

  • Hairstyle change in no time. Changing the parting from one side to another helps you create a new hairstyle in just a few seconds. In order to make the parting resist longer, apply some spray for volume to the roots. Make the parting using a comb with a metal handle and blow dry your hair after making the parting. This will help you get a natural look. For curly hair, any type of parting works, yet a side parting always adds a special, feminine touch to your look.

  • Parting for face shapes. Choosing the parting taking into consideration your face shape is an essential thing to do. For oval faces, any type of parting works great and you can experiment different variants. If you have a round face, a side parting can elongate it, while an extreme side parting flatters a long face. For a square face, choose an asymmetrical parting as this can balance the look.

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