3 Secrets to Finding Your Best Hairstyle

Over the many years I've spent helping women find their best hairstyles, these 4 issues remain tried and true: Know your face shape, hair type and lifestyle issues and be honest about what you will and won't do in regards to styling your hair, period! So what's your best hairstyle? There is more than just one hairstyle that works for you certainly, but your best hairstyles can only happen when these 3 matters are considered.

Know Your Face Shape

Need I say that the best hairstyles for round face shapes differ from the best hairstyles for heart shape faces? This is scary, but I do remember a time not so long ago, when the correlation between hairstyle and face shape was not something the hair industry taught or even talked about. This means your hairdresser either new this intuitively and had an eye for good balance, or not! Still, not all hairdressers 'get it' and for that reason it's always good to learn what works and what doesn't work with your face shape. Knowledge is power! Many a bad hair days happened from the lack of this knowledge.

Know Your Hair Type and Texture

This is just as important as the subject of knowing your face shape. Your hair type and texture will match up specifically well with certain hairstyles and coincidentally look great and be a breeze to work with while terrible with the wrong choices. You can't be expected to know what type of hairstyles your hair type and texture will or won't work with, so your stylist is of key importance here. In its natural state do you have straight hair, curly hair, wavy hair or kinky hair? Is your hair thin, medium or thick? Is your hair fine or coarse in texture? Knowing this, over time you will learn what type of styles work best for you.

Know Your Lifestyle Issues

Once you have established your face shape, hair type and texture, the next concern should be to know your lifestyle issues. Your lifestyle issues will change along the way but at any given time they have a huge importance on what hairstyle will best fit you.

  • Do you work out or participate in sports?
  • Are you fashion conscious? Business oriented? Work at home?
  • Do you have small children?
  • Is your life pace relaxed or very active?
  • How much time are you willing to spend on your hair each day?
  • What hairstyling tools will you use?

Unfortunately not every hairdresser will take into consideration these three most important issues when it comes to your next hairstyle change. So can you answer the question, hairstyles with bangs are they right for you? Can you wear Taylor Swift hair? Can you wear layered haircuts or long hairstyles with bangs? Get these 3 secrets down and banish bad hair days once and for all!

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