Sexy Easy Hairstyles for Long Hair

If you are the lucky owner of long, gorgeous tresses, you should know that not only complicated and extremely studied hairstyles can be sexy, elegant and glamorous. For a more special event or for the upcoming holiday season, you have a myriad of sexy easy hairstyles for long hair, which can add that sparkling and sophisticated vibe. Take a look and draw your inspiration!

Long hairstyles can sometimes become a tricky business, especially when it comes finding the perfect hairstyle for a special event. we want something sexy and chic, yet quick and easy to make without too much effort. From straight hair and soft waves to slicked hair and numerous unique accessories, there is a wide range of sexy simple hairstyles for you to bring out the diva in you.

Retro waves are the best choice for the holiday season and for a sexy appearance. Glossy, glamorous locks are able to create an elegant, sophisticated, yet extremely hot and sexy feel. Perfect for the party season during the winter holidays, waves and curls come in so many different styles, from flawlessly ladylike versions to the groomed, yet effortless, brushed-out ones. For a pure glamorous look, use big hot rollers or a curling iron and create gorgeous waves with a side parting. You can also try the '40s retro style with soft curls or vintage fingerwaves for a luxurious, diva appearance. If you have curly natural hair, you can still sport a retro glam vibe by wearing your curls big

If your hair is straight, you can still look sexy with a minimum amount of effort. The key is to make a side parting and brush all the hair over one shoulder gripping into place at the nape of the neck and behind the ear. Next, make soft waves but only at the ends. As natural is a timeless trend that is both stylish and versatile, why not to keep your long tresses in a relaxing but rich, sexy feel? This look was often seen on the red carpet and even it might seem effortless, the hairstyle needs a few styling tips in order to do it properly. The secret stands in using the curling iron and misting some hair spray that will keep your hair into place still allowing movement.

What can be more sexy than a pin up hairstyle? Elegant, sensual, original and sexy, pin up hairstyles might look rather difficult to make. However, following a few simple steps, you too can have those amazing victory rolls specific to the '40s drawing all the attention at the party. Therefore, whether you go for the simple version or the complex one, this is the easiest way to sport a Hollywood diva look and play the 'femme fatale' role.

Now, start by selecting a hair section in the front and secure the rest of your hair into a ponytail so it doesn't disturb you. Next, using a curling iron, make gentle waves as it allows you to work easier on the hair section. In order to add shine, apply some hair wax. As a final step, roll up the hair section starting from the ends, going up to the forehead, and secure it with hairpins. Apply some hair spray. Gather the rest of your hair into an updo hairstyle. Another hairstyle that can instantaneously bring glamour to your overall look is a sleek and chic victory roll updo.

Lately, the slicked hairstyles were spotted on numerous fashion shows and on the red carpet, becoming one of the hottest trends. Despite the fact that it is seen as rather androgynous, the wet effect is extremely sexy and elegant. Whether you choose a side or a back slicked style, pay extra attention to the overuse of styling products as what we are looking for is a subtle result, not the impression of just getting out of the shower. For a coquettish and sexy slicked hairstyle, you need some hair gel and a wide tooth comb. If you want to play a little, you can use your fingers in order to style your hair and avoid the textured effect created by the comb.

When in a hurry and you don't have time to make a more complex and rather studied hairstyle, the easiest way to add a sexy touch is to choose a suitable hair accessory. If properly worn and matched, hair accessories bring that fantasy and sensual sparkle you need in order to upgrade your look. Even though a headband or different hair pins are considered as girly accessories, in fact, they spice up a dull overall aspect transforming it into a glamorous and sexy appearance. You can make soft waves or curls and add a precious hair pin or a tiara. If wanting to bring out the sensual part in you, you can make a high updo and adorn it with a romantic, feminine hairband with floral embellishments. Retro, elegant and sexy for an incredible night! A perfect hair accessory works great even for a holiday hairstyle.

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