Short Hairstyles Tips and Tricks

Short hairstyles represent the perfect choice when you want a drastic look change, especially if you have a very long hair. However, “short” doesn't mean just one simple short haircut, but there are a multitude of short hairstyles where you can choose from. As this makes your task even more challenging, you must know what short hairstyle would flatter you the most taking into consideration your face shape, lifestyle, and personality. Take a look to some short hairstyles tips and tricks.

When a woman wants to make a change in her life or she has to overcome a difficult moment, she often chooses to cut her hair. This way she feels more confident and positive to begin a whole new chapter. Short hair is stylish and sexy, yet the right choice can be quite tricky and challenging. There are various things you need to think twice before trimming your beautiful, long hair. If you are looking for a successful result, you should consider various essential things and know a few tips and tricks about short hairstyles.

Theoretically, short hair suits everyone regardless their face shape. However, as practice and theory are two different things, the reality is other. Yes, it is true that short hair flatters every face shape, if it is well cut and styled. However, there are some basic rules when it comes to morphology and hairstyling. You should always ask yourself how far are you able to go. Ask your hairstylist as he can offer you plenty of possibilities and together find the perfect one. It is already known the fact that oval faces are the luckiest ever as they can afford to wear any short hairstyle they feel like.

A round face needs a short hairstyle that creates the illusion of lengthening in order to make the face look longer. Leave the hair at the nape of the neck longer and pay a lot of attention to the sides. A square face will look great with a light hairstyle, with movement, that gently frames the face. If you have this type of face, stay away from too structural hairstyles that will only harsh your traits. For a triangular face shape, a hairstyle with volume at the nape of the neck works great. Avoid adding volume at the crown of the head as this would only lengthen the face.

“Short” is often associated with “masculine”. Lately, masculine hairstyles are considered as being very stylish and sexy. You have so many options when it comes to androgynous hairstyles, but you needs to be perfectly aware of the change you are making. You can choose a classic short hairstyle, a bowl cut, a funky quiff, or asymmetrical haircuts. Still, if you are looking for a more feminine short hairstyle, avoid too set sideburns. The best thing you could do is to choose a soft cut, especially in the area of the sideburns and at the nape of the neck.

Short hairstyles are easier to style, it's true. Yet, the maintenance is rather difficult, especially if you have a parting. A short hairstyles requires monthly visits to the hairdresser. Even if it's said that short hairstyle don't look good on natural hair color, this is not totally true. Depending on your natural hair color, there are different products and techniques that can help you obtain a shiny, silky hair. They revive the color, making short hair look amazing. For a glossy effect, use hair gel or wax. Also, highlights can totally change the aspect of your short hair.

When having to deal with short hairstyles, it is very important to invest in high-quality styling products. You don't need to buy dozens of useless products, but try one or two that you know they work, and is enough. Make sure they are appropriate for your hair type and make your hair look natural rather than overloaded and dirty. The ideal hair product would get the maximum from your hair.

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