Short Urban Hairstyles

The great diversity of styling techniques that can be applied to short tresses seems to be a quite convincing reason for going short for many women. Modern hairstyles with a noticeable urban vibe are one of the best options when looking for a style change so check out these hairstyles ideas to get for inspiration for the next appointment with your hairdresser.

Short hairstyles have an increased popularity nowadays as more women are beginning to realize the true potential that short tresses can have, depending on the hair cutting techniques used as well as styling options chosen. Being fairly low maintenance while being flexible in terms of styling short hair seems to be on the way to becoming a defining attribute for the modern woman. There are so many variations that can be made when it comes to short hairstyles nowadays, that it often becomes difficult to determine what type of haircut will most suit your personality.

Women who find structural haircuts interesting might find that choosing short hairstyles is good choice for them. Various layer styles can be used to achieve a variety of different things as well as creating focal points. The length chosen of the layers is another crucial aspect you should pay attention to when choosing a short haircut as they might be the most important factor in deciding whether the style you opted for flatters you or not. Short layers can be a great way to add length at the top of the head but if you need to minimize the overall length of the face it can turn out to be a very unfortunate choice.

While it's not uncommon for many women to choose the comfort and familiarity of pixie hairstyles, many women decide to adopt a more modern approach and choose dashing asymmetrical hairstyles. The edginess of these hairstyles, however, often comes at a certain price because these hairstyles generally require a higher maintenance level in order to be well represented. If you like asymmetrical angles but you want to maintain a low maintenance styling routine opting for long bangs is generally a good idea. This type of hairstyles work best for naturally straight hair as the structure of the haircut is more visible this way. Although curly and wavy tresses can also be emphasized with asymmetrical hairstyles, curly hair tends to pose all kinds of problem when it comes to styling.

It is important not to fall in the trap of thinking that just because you opt for a shorter hairstyle, your styling routine will automatically become simpler as a result as this is not often the case. While some hairstyles can easy fit in the wash and wear category, others might require the same level of attention as long hairstyles if not even more. If you are a little confused when it comes to determining the level of maintenance that a certain haircut will require it is advisable to ask for advice from your hairdresser to avoid frustration.

Finding the perfect balance between functionality and style when it comes to urban hairstyle is not always a simple and intuitive process so many times it might require making different style choices for finding the characteristics that are the most suitable for you. While analyzing your values and your habits is often a strategy that pays off in terms decisiveness, it generally takes a while to determine the style that works best for you.

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