Short Hairstyle Ideas for 2011

Short hairstyles look fabulous and can offer women a variety of advantages from a minimum hair styling time to facial feature definition. If you're a fan of short crops take a peek at the following short hairstyles ideas suitable for 2011.

Short hairstyles seem to be maintaining their popularity among women as they are not only low maintenance hairstyle they are also hairstyles with an impact. Hairstyles play a very important role when it comes to physical appearance this is why it is important to choose right. Not everyone can sport a short crop but if your face shape and personality can pull off a short hairstyle inspire yourself from the following stylish short hairstyles ideas for 2011.

Women with oval face shapes and feminine facial features look best with short crops but that doesn't mean that women with other face shapes will not be able to sport a short crop. Talk to your hairstylist and decide which short crop suits you best. Also try to take your personality into consideration as the perfect hairstyle keeps count of a variety of details.

Just like fashion trends, hairstyles trends change every season and this 2011 a variety of stylish hairstyles are in trend. One of the stylish short hairstylA ideas for 2011 looks uber-stylish as it is punk inspired. Punk inspired hairstyles are powerful short crops which attract attention like a magnet. These hairstyles feature asymmetrical cuts; undercut hairstyles, crops which feature a shorter cut on one side of the head while the hair on top remains longer. These hairstyles are perfect for women who love punk-inspired fashion or women who want a more interesting, powerful look.

Short crops which feature very soft lines are also a great option for women, especially women who love showing their femininity but in a bolder manner. Soft hair layers help create sleek cuts which soften the look and attract a generous amount of attention towards the facial features.
These crops look fabulously elegant and stylish especially if created on sleek straight hair. The hairs sleek straight texture helps enhance the cut and allows the hair to glow (but only if the hair is healthy and well nourished).
Style your hair slightly messy of keep it sleek depending on personal preference and occasion and you will look adorable.

The pixie and the gamine short hairstyles are also a stylish idea for 2011 as these hairstyles exude a bit of vintage style and vintage is highly popular in 2011.
Don't hesitate to adapt the length of the short crop desired to suit your style and facial features and turn to a professional for best results. Save some money every month and get your hair cut at a professional salon as this way the results will most likely be the ones you've dreamed of!

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