Spiral Curls Hairstyles

Spiral curls are very popular hairstyles as they look glamorous and innocent at the same time. Find out how you can create this gorgeous hairstyle and how to style it so you can look fabulous every time.

Spiral curls are very popular this year as they look absolutely fabulous and help create a very innocent, angelic like appearance. Spiral curls, whether natural or styled look gorgeous on medium as well as long hairstyles. Short hairstyles don't have the length to allow the curls to be defined so opt to grow out your tresses if you feel that this is the hairstyle for you.

Curly hairstyles are increasing in popularity and it is not difficult to see why. Natural looking is the way to go this year, even if you don't benefit from curly hairstyles since birth. Spiral curls have a very specific definition, the curls are looser and resemble a spiral; from where the name spiral curls was derived.
Creating and defining spiral curls is not difficult if you have the proper hair styling tools and products. Here are some tips to help you create or define spiral curls and how to style your hair to look fabulous:

spiral curlsspiral

Natural spiral hair can easily be styled using a blow dryer and a curl enhancer. Blow dry the hair using a diffuser and apply a curl enhancer on your fingers. Wrap individual strands around your finger to define them well and set the hair with a touch of hairspray.
When it comes to creating spiral curls on straight or wavy hairstyles you have two options:

  • temporary spiral curls

  • permanent spiral curls

  • Permanent spiral curls need to be created by a specialist as they use a perm solution to set the spiral curls into place. Avoid creating them on your own as you risk permanent hair damage or an undesired effect.
    For a temporary effect you can use hot hair rollers, hair rollers, flat irons or curling irons. The wider the hair rollers/barrel the looser the curls so opt for the option you feel is best for you. After you create each individual spiral spray some hairspray on to set the hair in place.

    spiral curlspiralspiral spiral

    Spiral curls look great if the hair is allowed to remain loose. You can also pull the hair partially or totally up and secure it with hair pins if you wish as you will look fabulous either way. Hair highlights do wonders on spiral curly hair as they help give enhance the curls beautifully. Choose a lighter shade of your hair color for a more subtle approach and you will look adorable and stylish.

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