Stylish Retro Party Hairstyles

Retro hairstyles are the perfect reflection of sophistication and femininity. Structured and glamorous diva waves or elegant updos had a great impact lately due to their classy and refined touch they offer. All their amazing flattering qualities make retro hairstyles the perfect choice for a special evening event where one must be different and unique. Take a look to some of the most stylish, yet easy to do, retro party hairstyles and get ready to turn heads.

Retro meas classy and elegance. The special effect they offer made that retro hairstyles to become some of the most loved styles adopted for special events. Here are some of the most stylish retro party hairstyles.

Red carpet diva
Every woman wants to look just like a red carpet diva, with a beautiful dress and a flawless, stylish hairstyle. Now, you can play the diva role too by getting screen siren waves. Following these simple steps, you’ll be able to become the star of the party. This is a perfect hairstyle for those of you who have long hair.

The result will be glam, dreamy curls. You just need a large barrel tong and some hairspray. You can also use a small wand and hold it only for a few seconds. Besides its retro touch, this hairstyle totally frees the face, while framing the features due to its side parting and very well-studied layers. As a final touch, choose big, sparkling earrings and a special makeup.

Screen siren waves
This next hairstyle is also one that makes us think to all the famous Hollywood actresses. It is a bob hairstyle worthy for a movie star. You can try this hairstyle especially if you have medium-length hair. Take a medium-barreled tong and make retro curls, applying hairspray after finishing every section. In order to get a special effect, try the curls turned towards the inside and short side swept bangs. By adding waves you'll create body to fine hair. As for the makeup, you are allowed to dare and try something with a shimmery texture, as well as a deep red for the lips and smokey eyes makeup.

Short glam
Who says that short hair cannot be feminine and stylish? With this next hairstyle, Jean Seberg style, not only you’ll look glamorous and sophisticated, but you’ll certainly have the most unique look at the party. A retro waved crop suits best if you have oval face with petite features. Start by drying your hair, but not completely. Take a small amount of hair gel with a strong fixation power and warm it into your hands. Then, apply it on your hair, gently straightening it, drawing like a hole with the lock in the front. Another very easy technique is to apply some mousse on damp hair, put some clips in the front section. After hair is dry, remove the sectioning clips and get ready to shine. As for the makeup, the best thing you can do is to emphasize your cheekbones.

French pleat
A bun is a very practical and versatile choice when it comes to party hairstyles. For a more special event you can try the French pleat, Grace Kelly style. This type of bun is so chic as it totally frees the neck. Start by straightening the hair. Make a low ponytail but don’t secure it. Twist it gently and bring it up towards the crown of the head. Tuck the ends inside the twist and set the bun using special hairpins. With a special brush for ponytails take some locks in the front, tease them and straight them on the back for an effortless, yet very chic look.

New wave chignon
Try an elegant hairstyle with a '80s look, very stylish. On damp hair, apply some hair mousse for volume, then dry your hair upside down or using a diffuser. This way, you'll get volume into your hair without too much effort and without being too aggressive with it. Comb the hair, separating your bangs or a hair section in the front, setting the rest of the hair into a ponytail at the crown of the head, or lower if you want to. Divide the pony into two sections and tease them both. At the basis of the pony, set the two parts by twisting them so you obtain a loose bow. Twist the hair into an ample ringlet, which you must secure it in the interior using some thin hairpins in a shade close to the one of your hair. For the total glam effect, apply as a finishing step some shine spray. You can also try a more different look by curling the front hair section.

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