Stylish Celebrity Updo Hairstyles 2011

A formal event requires an elegant appearance, so give your look a total transformation by directing your attention towards a stylish updo. Updos have made a huge comeback in 2011 so glam-up your style by experimenting with one of the following must have hair styles!

Updo hairstyles are the buzzword when it comes to hair styling this year and there are a variety of fab styles to choose from. These classic hairstyles have made a huge comeback to enable women to underline their femininity through an elegant hairstyle that shouts refinement. Celebrities are true “gold mines” when it comes to inspirational hairstyles, so if you're looking for a stylish celebrity updo hairstyle to suit the 2011 hair trends, check out the following and select your favorite.

The updo hairstyles that suit the contemporary world vary from classic vintage to messy ready-to-go updos, so adapt the style of your updo to the event attended as well as personal style. Updos work wonders for all hair textures, but need a certain length to ensure a fool-proof styling. If you love updo hairstyles but lack the necessary hair length, hair extensions can act as the perfect aid in adding that instant extra hair length you need, so get your gear ready and start styling your locks:

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The ballerina bun

Ballerina buns are quick and easy-to-do hairstyles that envelops your look with a certain simplicity and elegance that doesn't go by unnoticed. These hairstyles have been popular on and off the red carpets this season so they are a definite must-have. From simple ballerina buns that sit right on top of the head to sleek, twisted options that rest at the nape of the neck, the ballerina bun will definitely deliver flawless results.
Experiment with different amazing ballerina buns and definitely try-out the sleek styles worn by Kate Bosworth and Jennifer Lopez.

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The elegant lose updo

One of the greatest updo looks of the moment is given by natural looking updos, hairstyles which manage to create an elegant appearance without too much fuss. The elegant lose updo is a perfect match for women with all hair textures but works best if styled on wavy or curly hair. Pull the hair back using your fingers and set the hair using a hair elastic. Twist different hair sections and pin them to create an elegant yet natural look that suits most occasions. If you have hair layers incorporated you can opt to allow a few hair strands to fall gently around your face, thus creating a vintage-allure that dazzles. Inspire yourself from Eva Longoria and Taylor Swift's updos and you'll definitely look exceptional.

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The sophisticated updo

Sometimes the best way to shine is to opt for a sophisticated 'do which will make you look glamorous. These updos require however a higher amount of skill so you'll definitely need an extra-hand for styling. Turn to a professional or ask a friend for help, to ensure your locks are positioned perfectly. Create interesting twists, a woven pattern with your locks or just keep your updo simple and add an elegant jeweled hair accessory and you'll look amazing. Sophisticated updos look best if the hair is straightened prior to styling as this way the hair texture will help emphasize the updo. Inspire yourself from Kourtney Kardashian and Hailee Steinfield's hot sophisticated updo looks.

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