Stylish Hair Color Ideas 2011

The new hair color trends set by hair stylists look amazing and can instantly offer you a boost of style and seductiveness. Check out the following stylish hair color ideas and inspire yourself for your next hairstyle transformation!

Hair color plays an important role in physical appearance and style so no wonder women are constantly searching for a stylish hair color that will not only help boost natural beauty but underline individuality also. The vast range of hair dye hues allow women to experiment with a variety of potentially flattering shades, so step out of the ordinary by selecting a bold and stylish hair color.

The new hair color trends set allow women to experiment with different hues that state naturalness or edginess, so if you're ready to make a hair color transformation, select the hues that suit you best. Turn to a professional for best results and you'll most definitely look radiant, a true magnet for attention.

Hair by Herberts

Hair by Great Lengths

Hair by Joico

Hair by Damian Carney

Red is definitely the “It” color of the year, and more and more celebrities have opted to color their locks in this amazing shade. There are a variety of red hues available to choose from as not all hues compliment all skin tones. Go for a soft and natural red hair color just like Blake Lively or opt for a fierce red look just like Rihanna's red hair color.
If a uniform hair color is not your style you can boosts its style up a notch by adding hair highlights. Color the base red and opt for complimenting hair highlights such as copper, purple or silver-blonde.

Hair by Saco Artistic Team

Hair by Aesthetics

If you're more of a dark colored hair kind of girl, you can spice-up your natural dark locks through lively colored highlights. Add any kind of color you wish to your chocolate-tone locks to give the color a bit of an edge. The best thing about dark colored hair is that it can be complimented by any other hue so go for bright colored highlights or paneling hair color such as purple, electric blue, hot pink, red blonde, etc.
Keep in mind that because of the hair's dark coloration, bleaching might be necessary so make sure your hair is in top condition before bleaching your hair to avoid extended hair damage.

Hair by Great Lengths

Hair by Mark Leeson

Hair by Rae Palmer

Hair by Trevor Sorbie

Blonde highlights are uber-stylish and popular but if you want to upgrade your look make sure you spice things up by adding an additional hue to your blonde base color. You can opt for different hair coloring techniques such as hair highlighting, paneling colors or dip-dying, depending on the result you wish to obtain. Blonde is perfectly complimented by pink, purple, brown, red, orange and bright yellow tones, so select one or mix several hues to obtain a gorgeous, unique hairstyle.

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