Summer Highlights and Lowlights Care

Highlights as well as lowlights are a great way to update your look without making radical changes. Whether you want a funky look or you aim to get an interesting youthful look highlights and lowlights are always a good choice. Learning to take care of hair highlights as well as lowlights is an essential step we need to take in order to ensure that our tresses look gorgeous regardless of the hairstyle we choose.

Hair highlights and hair lowlights have more than just an aesthetic effect. They can be successfully used to repair a common hair disaster: choosing a wrong shade to color your hair. Lowlights are effective when you feel that you have highlighted your hair too much helping you reduce the damage by applying a hair color that is two or three shades darker than the first color you used.

Highlights on the other hand can help you lighten a hair color that you feel might be too dark for your skin tone. When choosing highlights and lowlights you virtually have unlimited options when it comes to colors as well as styles. If you aim to get natural looking highlights and lowlights you should color thick strands of hair in the desired hue whereas if you are not interested in natural looking strands you can choose any highlighting or lowlighting method you desire.

Highlights and lowlights can be used on any type of hair regardless of the of the style or lengths of the hair, being less damaging for the hair than hair dyes. Most hair stylists use semi-permanent vegetable dyes for highlights and lowlights which doesn't harm the hair follicle so much. It should be mentioned that you should never undergo another chemical treatment after adding highlights and lowlights for at least 2 weeks to prevent excessive hair damage.
With a proper hair care, highlights and lowlights can last up to 3 months before needing redyeing. However, if you don't, the color will fade much faster or might even change. Here are a few things you should know about how you can prevent this from happening:

During the summer, the color of our highlights and lowlights generally deteriorates a lot faster compared to the other seasons for a variety of reasons. First of all, the sun rays deteriorate the color of our highlights and lowlights causing discoloration and the hair can become damaged as well without adequate protection. Secondly, since our hair is more exposed to chlorine, the highlighted strands can turn green. In order to maintain the initial state of our strands there are several things that we can do:

First of all using a shampoo that has a special formula created for colored hair and a rich conditioner with SPF is one of the basic steps we can take to protect our hair during the summer. During the summer a leave-in conditioner with SPF might offer the best protection. Weekly deep conditioning is a must during the summer when the hair becomes drier and more prone to damage. Don't forget to hydrate your hair from the inside by making sure that you drink the recommended amount of water your body needs every day.

The hair should be air-dried as much as possible to maintain the hair as healthy as possible. Cutting down on the use of heat styling tools is also highly recommended but if you must use them don't forget to use thermal protection every time.

If you plan on swimming there are additional measures you should take to prevent the strands for developing green shades and protecting your hair. Applying bottled spring water before swimming can dilute the harsh chemicals, diminishing the hair damage. Also, adding a hairspray with SPF to the hair before going to the beach will provide adequate protection all day long.
Hair accessories are great addition during the summer as they not only help us to create a more interesting hairstyle but also to protect our hair. Hats and headbands are perfect to prevent unnecessary color fading.

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