Summer Hippie Hairstyles Ideas

"Love, Peace, and Happiness"... "Love, Not War!"... .The age of the hippies during the 60s and 70s brought the idea of an all-natural look and long hippie hairstyles that are still very popular. Loose and free to the swept of the wind, and accessorized with different colorful and joyful headbands and artificial flowers, hippie hairstyles are the perfect reflection of freedom and flower-power spirit of the hippie movement. It's all about non-conformism, unpretentious style, vivid colors and the desire to enjoy the moment.

The hippie movement appeared in the 60s in the United States. At the beginning the movement was composed of young people belonging to the middle class. Their purpose was to change the society they were living in by contesting industrialism and government authority.

Hippie style meant freedom of expression and rebellion with one important element dominating: creativity. One of the key elements of the hippie style was the peace sign, the symbol of rebellion against government control. Hippies strongly believed in freedom and in a world free of war. All their believes were reflected in their lifestyle, outfits and hairstyles. Hippies were recycling old clothes and paid attention to the texture of the clothes. Soon, fashion designers found a real source of inspiration in this bohemian style even though the movement faded away at the beginning of the decade. Hippie hairstyles mean long hair, natural waves, braids and different hair accessories in bright colors.

Soft waves

Soft, loose waves have always been the image of a bohemian style offering a natural provocative look, inspired by the femininity of the hippie style. Don't forget about the side part, which is the key element of a hippie hairstyle. If you add a headband and the right clothes you'll get the perfect hippie look.

Start by washing your hair and apply some hair mousse. You can braid your hair in the evening and leave it till the next day. The next morning, after you free your hair you'll get beautiful, romantic waves. You can also take two locks of hair and twist them tightly one around the other. Secure them with hairpins. When the hair is completely dry you can free the locks. Apply some spray. You can also use a curling iron and in 15 minutes you are ready to go. If you have a beautiful long hair, you can add a few lighter highlights into your hair to cheer up the look.


Spring/summer 2010 is all about braids. The influences of the '70s brought on the runways the bucolic touch of the hippie movement. During the hippie movement braids were really popular. You can go for one long braid, which is the easiest way to get a natural hippie look. Still, you can try more complicated hairstyles using braiding hair.

This summer you can go for a side loose braid, which is one of the hottest hairstyle trends. Also, you can take a section of your hair from the left side of the top of the head. Braid it so it frames your forehead and it ends at the right year. Another "hippie" thing you can do is to part your hair in the middle. Braid thin sections from the temples and then join the fine braids in the back.


Hair accessories represented one of the basic elements of the hippie style, and they can surely help you make a statement. Beautiful colored headbands around the head, colorful headscarves, artificial flowers, as well as broad bandeaus are essential if you want to complete your hippie style. Therefore, picking out the right accessories is a crucial step if you are looking for a hippie style. Besides all this, you can also choose a flower pin or barrette, braided ribbons into your hair. Practically you can embellished with almost everything and anything. Go for bright colors, earth tones and match them to your outfit. Choose the right accessory for you and get ready to live a "hippie" summer.

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