Survival Tips for Bad Hair Days

Bad hair days are often unexpected and always unwelcome, but fear not! Get 5 survival tips for bad hair days to have a backup plan when hair crisis strikes! Here are the easiest and quickest fixes for bad hair days!

Dirty hair
If you're running late, reach for a dry shampoo. Work in, brush hair through and pull into shape. If you have greasy bangs, quickly shampoo and blow-dry them to refresh your whole style.

Static hair
The best way to calm static hair is with leave-in conditioner that remoisturizes hair and will tame fly-aways in an instant.

Kinky hair
In times of kinky crisis, reach for the flat iron. Don't forget to mist sections with heat-protective products before straightening kinky locks.

Windswept hair
A windy day is tough to fight. The best you can do is apply a product before styling that will help your hair spring back into shape.

Hat hair
To lift straight hair, flip head over and brush it from underneath.
For curly hair, prep you locks by winding sections of hair loosely and securing them with bobby pins before putting on your hat. Remove and shake out once you get to your destination.

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