Hair extensions are overly popular these days. If you thought about getting them, it's good to know your options to decide what type of hair extensions would work best for you. There are basically two types of hair extensions: synthetic and human. Synthetic Hair Extensions These extensions are made of nylon or plastic that are to give volume to hair. However these can't create the same natural effect as human hair extensions do. This method is much affordable and can be styled similarly to other extensions. Synthetic hair extensions due to their artificial nature can be styled easily. These extensions last from 1 week to up to 3 months, depending on hair care and the quality of the hair. You canhair extension find in every shade, length and texture (Monobraid, Profibre, Kanekalon, Toyokalon), depending on your personal preferences. It is applied in the same manner as human hair extensions. It's drawback is that you have to be careful when straightening it and that your natural hair must be healthy in order to camouflage the fake strands. Human Hair Extensions These types of extensions are more sophisticated, opting for them is a high-budget method for giving texture and volume to our hair. Beside the endless advantages it also has some drawbacks: due to it's natural quality it can't be styled and manipulated so easily. These extensions last from 3 months up to 1 year. The best quality of human hair extension is chemical-free, Euro Grade or Virgin hair that comes from Brazil and India. It doesn't damage your hair, neither when it is attached to the real hair, nor when removed. Human hair extensions once applied can be managed similarly to natural hair. When styling, you can use straighteners or curling irons, but it can be also dyed, which is almost impossible with synthetic hair. Professional hairstylists can recommend you the best types of hair extensions, depending on your budget and purpose.