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Taylor Swift, the American sweetheart pop-country music singer has managed to boost her career recently and become an internationally known star and style icon. Find out Taylor Swift's hairstyling preferences so you can inspire yourself as she is a true muse.

American sweetheart Taylor Swift has managed to boost her career using her incredible singing talent as she captured the hearts of many teenagers around the world with her gorgeous voice and lyrics.

Taylor Swift's beauty has made teenagers all over the world go crazy for her style. With beautiful facial features, gorgeous body, beautiful make-up, fashion style and hairstyles, Taylor has created a certain “girl next door” look that appeals to everyone. An American sweetheart that exudes elegance and beauty, Taylor Swift is most definitely a potential muse for many women when it comes to style. Taylor Swift hairstyles offer her facial features all the benefits she needs as her gorgeous natural curly hair softens her lovely facial features, making her receive a certain angelic appearance.

Taylor SwiftTaylor SwiftTaylor Swift

Curly hairstyles always had a certain attractiveness and Taylor Swift's curly hairstyles emphasize the benefits created by curly hairstyles. With a naturally curly hairstyle, Taylor Swift looks lovely and natural.

Emphasizing the curls is nowadays such an easy thing to do, so Taylor Swift's long curly hairstyles don't require too much styling to look beautiful. Long blonde curly hairstyles create a very attractive and sexy allure which appeals to most women. Her beautiful curly tresses are always well defined as personal image is and should be a very important step for everyone. Loose curly hairstyles seem to be Taylor Swift's top hairstyle preference as it is a hairstyle easy to create and maintain do to it's naturalness.

Long side swept straightened bangs upgrade and add a bit of twist to Taylor's long curly hairstyles, making her hairstyles look even more appealing. Half up/ half down hairstyles create a more elegant look, which suit Taylor Swift's beautiful facial features perfectly.

Taylor SwiftTaylor SwiftTaylor Swift

Long luscious straight hairstyles look absolutely lovely on Taylor as her face shape allows her to style her hair in a variety of ways, but she is rarely seen wearing it straightened. It seems that natural is Taylor Swift's hairstyle preference. Styling naturally curly hair has never been more easy due to the styling utensils and products available today. Loose straight or straight updo hairstyles look absolutely amazing on Taylor so no wonder she is a muse and a style icon for so many young women.

Being a celebrity means that formal hairstyles are a must and Taylor Swift looks lovely wearing them. Loose curly hairstyles, side swept curly hairstyles, straight or curly updo hairstyles are Taylor's most preferred formal hairstyles trend. Truly a cutie Taylor Swift is the perfect source of inspiration when it comes to hairstyling as she has never been seen wearing messy hair, so don't hesitate to experiment with different hairstyles to find the one that does you justice best.

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