The Bidi Hairstyles Trend

Bidi hairstyles have become the newest trend of the year when it comes to hair styles so take a peek at this new hairstyles trend so you can determine if this is the look your are going to opt for next!

The bidi or the big medium hairstyles are increasing in popularity due to the fabulous, stylish look created by this type of hairstyles. Medium hairstyles have always been popular hairstyles among women due to the variety of ways the hair could be styled as well as the lower maintenance level compared to long hairstyles.

The bidi hairstyles trend is bringing back sexiness, allowing women to benefit from a hot and sexy hairstyle that radiates glamor and style. Medium hairstyles have been stuck for a while on the same path, all one could choose was to go straight, messy or curly, styles which until now could satisfy anyone but it seems that women needed a change when it came to their medium tresses so hairstylists gave medium hairstyles a blast of volume creating the bidi.

The bidi hairstyles have been featured this year on different red carpet events as well as on the fall/winter 2010 runway fashion presentations, making the bidi a highly popular hairstyle to take into consideration when you feel the urge to transform your look. Hair layers are greatly beneficial when it comes to obtaining a bidi hairstyle so try and a soft hair layers as they will help the hair receive a glamorous look when styled properly.

A variety of fashion designers chose the bidi hairstyle to complete the look of their collections and the bidi hairstyles created by hairstylists looked absolutely adorable. There are a variety of ways to style the bidi, hair volume being the characteristic which needs to dominate. The hair can be styled wavy or curly as you prefer, sleek straight looks are not an option as sleek straight hairstyles don't have the right amount of hair volume necessary for the bidi.
Oscar de la Renta featured some lovely soft curly bidi hairstyles that radiated glamor all the way. These hairstyles have a certain vintage flair attached and this only helps emphasize the hairs glamorous appearance.

Oscar de la Renta

Oscar de la Renta

Oscar de la Renta

Oscar de la Renta

If you are going for a DIY bidi hairstyle start with freshly washed hair and apply a volumizing hair styling mousse throughout the hair including at the roots. Flip your head down and start blow drying the hair aiming the cool air flow directly towards the roots to emphasize hair volume. Before the hair is completely dry flip your head up and using a round brush lift the roots and blow dry the hair to get instant hair volume. Use the round brush to create soft waves or curls. You can also try to add soft curl to the hair using a curling iron to receive the desired hair texture.
Dust a bit of shine spray to boost the shine of your tresses and give your hair an even more glamorous, luscious look.

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