Tips and Tricks for Hair Types

It is well known the fact that our hair becomes very sensitive to daily brushing and blow drying, but also to the use of different beauty or styling products that sometimes prove to be very harmful. If the hair care routine is not made properly, our hair can suffer, and serious damages can be caused. Moreover, using the wrong products for our hair type is another essential mistake we usually make. And this is not to blame, as nowadays there are a myriad of shampoos and conditioners, and this makes the picking part quite difficult. In this context, knowing a few basic tips and tricks for hair types becomes a necessary thing.

A woman's hair is one of her main advantages. If it's properly taken care of, it can help you in so many situations. And, besides this, it's important to have a healthy looking hair all the time. Noxious external factors, the products we use, all the styling tools, and our diet also represent the main enemies of our hair. Therefore, it's crucial to know your hair, but also to learn a few tips and tricks for hair type so you can keep it healthy and beautiful.

  • Nourishing and hydrating your hair is a basic step in the hair care process especially if you have to deal with a dry hair. Therefore, hydrating the hair frequently is important as a hydrated hair is easier to brush, and it becomes softer and smoother. If you have dry hair, make sure you use a very good conditioner, and try to apply a hair mask. And the most serious thing to remember is to avoid as much as possible the use of hairdryer. Of course, if you can, don't use it at all. The best thing to do for dry hair is to keep it in fresh air.

  • What does a "good shampoo" mean? One of the problems we usually need to deal with is buying a good shampoo and conditioner. You should know that our hair contains different substances and oligoelements that make the hair smoother, refreshing and revitalizing it. Whenever buying shampoos or conditioners, make sure you read attentively the ingredients to follow these elements. A good shampoo should contain emollients, such as silicone that will add brilliancy and help you disentangle the hair easier. Also, humectants, like the panthenol and glycerin that absorb and channel the water into the hair. Panthenol is a humectant and moisturizer found in shampoos and conditioners, which coats the hair and makes it more shiny.

  • Conditioner is one of those must-have products from our hair care process. A good conditioner doesn't just make our hair look more shiny and easier do untangle, but it also nourishes the hair providing it with the necessary nutrients in order to maintain its health. Apply conditioner after rinsing shampoo thoroughly and removing the water excess on your hair. Conditioner should be applied from roots to ends by massaging the scalp. Don't forget to rinse.

  • Oily hair is probably the most problematic of all. There are many different factors that might cause oily hair, such as a diet rich in fats, the use of antidepressants, or the lack of physical activity. One solution that might work is rinsing your hair with tepid or cold water so the scalp's pores to close and reduce the sebum secretion. Washing oily hair every day is not a wrong thing to do. Also, make sure you rinse thoroughly as shampoo residues will collect dirt even easier. If you have oily hair, conditioners should be applied only to the ends.

  • Dry hair is very sensitive when it comes to blow dryers, excessive sun exposure, and sea water. There are various factors that cause dry hair, such as a wrong maintenance, different health problems, or medications, like blood thinners, birth control pills, or antidepressants. It's very important to use appropriate shampoos and conditioners for dry hair. However, it seems that natural hair masks made from natural ingredients, such as yoghurt, honey, or avocados are the best solutions for dry hair. Also, massaging hair and scalp helps stimulate the sebaceous glands. Try to avoid hair dyes and perms as they dry the hair even more.

  • As for normal hair, consider yourself the luckiest people ever as taking care of normal hair is the easiest thing to do. This type of hair doesn't require special tricks besides some common sense tips, such as using nourishing shampoos, avoid overusing the hairdryer, and frequent washings in order to maintain it healthy and beautiful.

  • Myths. In time, many myths have appeared, but not all of them seem to be true. The truth is that if you are using the right products, there are no risks for your hair. One of this myths says that we should change our shampoo and conditioner frequently. In fact, we should avoid doing so as the hair might get used with this bad habit. Another myth says that daily washing can damage the hair. The truth is that all external factors and dirt that gets into our hair needs to be removed even if that means daily washing. Also, remember that frequent trimming doesn't stimulate hair growth.

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