Beautiful hair has never been so easy with these must-know hair care and hair styling tips! hairstylesforfinehair For healthy natural shine Cleansing and regular conditioning will make your hair shine twice as much. Use lukewarm water and massage hair with the fleshy parts of your fingers, not the tips. Rinse shampoo well, at least one minute. Don't put conditioner near the roots, only from ears down � as conditioner on the roots weight down hair and falls flat. For smooth and shiny hair After shampooing always give hair a final rinse of cool water. This will close cuticles, giving extra smoothness to your locks. For healthy hair Try to eat a balanced diet with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, proteins and carbs. Alcohol also has a drying effect on your hair - so try not to overdo it. For taming frizzy hair Irons (curling or flat irons) are a great way to create a sleek shine, taming frizzy hair. Apply a heat protective serum to dry hair - start at the roots and slowly working down the lengths. For vibrant hair color The best ways to have truly vibrant hair color is to fake it � whether it is all fake or just some highlights to enhance your natural tone. Color refreshers are essential to keep putting the color back in.