We already know that our hair doesn't enjoy summer as much as we do. Heat and sun rays can be extremely harmful when we expose our strands to their effect. That's why it is important to treat your scalp and locks carefully and thoroughly. This way you'll avoid having real trouble all summer with split ends, full-on frizz, or lifeless, limp hair. The following tips give you ideas for easy summer hair care. Extreme weather conditions can damage your skin as well as our hair - it is highly recommended to wear accessories that will protect your scalp and strands. Scarves and hats are perfect for covering your hair. If you would rather leave hats at home, do it but don't forget about sunscreen. Apply a leave in conditioner to your hair and as you arrive home, wash it off immediately with gentle shampoo. sun-and-hair-careIt is also very important if you are a keen swimmer, always wet your hair before entering the pool. Moisture will effectively shield your strands from the harmful salt or chlorine water. After swimming, wash your hair and condition it intensely. In the summer you have to be extremely caring with your hair. Hydration is as important for your hair as it is for your body. UV rays can damage the protective layer around the strands which leads to breakage and drying. Pamper your hair with deep conditioning treatments twice a month - store bought or the mayo treatment. Use moisturizing shampoos daily, in order to give full protection to your hair. Enjoy the sun when you want to dry your hair. You're doing a huge favor to your locks if you let them air-dry naturally. The sun can cause great damages, however if you try to keep away from artificial heating, you'll see the difference immediately. Avoid using hair products that contain alcohol, not only in summer but in general. It could excessively dry out your hair. Removing split ends is a must during the summer, your hair should be trimmed at least every 6 weeks. This is the only method to definitely get rid of damaged ends. Don't torture your strands with dryness and breakage.