Wavy hairstyles are full of body, movement and are very sexy. You can get sexy waves on long, medium but even shorter haircuts. There are many wavy hairstyles you can choose from depending on the length of your hair and tools and products you own. In order to get the right waves for your hair, first you need to know how to create them. You need to wash and condition your hair. Use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner because your hair needs to be soft and healthy in order to make the waves shiny and sexy. Using a towel gently squeeze the excess moisture out or just wrap the towel around your head and leave it on for 5 minutes. Comb your hair and use a styling cream or straightening balm if your natural texture is frizzy and curly. Blow dry hair straight from the roots toward the ends. curly1 If you need a bit of extra volume flip your head upside down and blow cold air to the roots for a few seconds. Divide your hair into 3 sections and secure them with an elastic. Take a small part of one section of hair wrap the it around a wide barrel curling iron leaving the ends loose. Don't let hair more than 10 seconds on the curling iron. When you are finished take another hair strand and wrap it around in the other direction. Do the same for all the hair sections - this way, you will get a more natural look. When you have finished all 3 sections take the blow dryer and blow cold air on the curls to loosen them up and to get waves. Separate the strands that are too thick with your fingers and apply some hairspray to hold the waves in place. Do not spray too much because you want that natural, touchable texture. Now you are ready to go show off your beautiful wavy hair.