Tips to Care for Hair Extensions

Have you have problems with your hair extensions? The attachment was done by professionals, but how can you maintain the quality of your hair extensions? There are some basic tips on how to care for hair extensions in order to preserve their natural effect and quality:

After hair extensions were applied avoid washing it sooner than 24 hours, you'll only spoil the result. You don't want to ruin the desired effect by being too careless.
Try to maintain your hair as clean as possible.
Brush it carefully before washing in order to keep the extensions disentangled. Use a soft bristled brush and head from bottom to top.
Wash your hair with care! Wet it gradually beforehand.

Use products that will soften your hair, however take care of the amount of conditioner you use, don't exaggerate you'll hair will only tangle. Run your fingers through your hair several times a day in order to keep it separated.

It is forbidden to sleep on wet hair, you won't be able to disentangle it later, make it completely dry.

Examples of neglected hair extensions

It is recommended to let your hair dry naturally, blow dryers and especially curling irons are your hair's enemies. Synthetic hair extensions are very vulnerable to heated styling appliances, overheated straightening irons are forbidden.

The excessive use of flat and curling irons can damage the quality of extensions. Avoid burning it, remember it won't grow back.
Avoid applying hair care products to the roots, only to the tips.

While swimming, swim cap is absolutely necessary, in general water and especially salt water can easily deteriorate your hair.

Finally changing the color of your hair extensions must not be done at home, leave it for a professional.

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