Our hair can reveal many alarming signs that reflect our poor health. It is essential to be aware of the fact that our eating habits have a special influence on our body and appearance in general. The consumption of the following foods will make your hair look healthier than ever. Dark green vegetables Foods that contain essential nutrients can do miracles to damaged hair. Specialists recommend the consumption of dark green vegetables with confidence. These would include: broccoli, spinach, and Swiss chard. These are rich in all kind of vitamins which are necessary to enhance your scalp's natural oil flow. This would hydrate your scalp and hair at the same time as a natural moisturizer. healthy-food-for-hairPoultry Protein is paramount for a healthy hair, that's why you should eat foods that are rich in this nutrient. Try to include in your menu turkey or chicken meat and combine them with delicious salads. Protein deficiency might cause the weakening and drying of your strands and in more dramatic cases hair loss. Poultry contains also iron, which is a vital for a healthy scalp. Nuts Nuts are rich in selenium which keeps your scalp healthy. Eating these fruits can make your hair look beautiful, well-conditioned and voluminous. Almonds and cashews are rich sources of zinc, which will protect your hair from breaking and deteriorating. Opt for any kind of nuts as healthy snacks and treats, you'll see their amazing effect on your skin and hair. Eggs I'm sure you've already tried some healthy hair conditioning masks made of eggs, yes, the mayo. Now eating them is as important as applying it to your hair. Eggs are tiny protein bombs, necessary in the hair care process. Moreover B-12 and biotin found in this food has miraculous effects on our beauty in general. Whether you eat them fried or scrambled, the point is to give your hair the essential nutrients. Beans Beans might not be everyone's favorite food, however it's benefits on our hair is undeniable. Due to their rich content of protein and iron, beans and lentils are a must have when starting a diet for hair care. The ideal amount of this food would at least 3 cups per week. Save your strands from brittleness and breakage by consuming beans regularly. Experiment with these foods and include them in your diet, if you wish a visibly healthy and shiny hair.