Trendy Asymmetric Cut Bob Hairstyles

Are you tired of your old hairstyle and want to adopt a trendier look which will underline your bubbly personality? If so, take a peek at the following trendy asymmetric bob hairstyles and discover which cut qualifies for your next fabulous hairdo!

The oh-so-trendy bob seems to maintain its high rank among the top hairstyles trends. One of the newest and hottest [bob hairstyles are the trendy asymmetric cut bob designs, which feature asymmetric sharp cut lines that stand out. The asymmetric shape creates an edgier looking bob that is perfectly suitable for women who love underlining their unique and confident style.

Medium hairstyles are very popular due to the balance between versatility and maintenance and one of the trendies medium length hairstyles is the bob. If classic styled seem too boring and faded for you try and opt for one of the following trendy asymmetric cut bob hairstyles.

Hair by Alexander Hair & Beauty

Hair by MC2 Hair Design

Hair by Gary Ingham

Hair by Andrea Beers

If you're searching for an asymmetric cut hairstyle which will not be too bold, you can opt to incorporate soft asymmetric lines. These will underline the difference between the length of the hair in a very soft and subtle manner. You can do this by cutting the hair in soft angles and most popular the asymmetric cut is given by the bangs.

Bangs and fringes suit the bob perfectly, so why not ditch your old style bangs and go for something that has a little bit of a kick attached. If you want to add more style to the hair cut the hair on the sides of the head at different lengths, at an angle if you wish. This way you will be able to adopt a different look that will suit your need perfectly.

Hair by Jean Louis David

Hair by Gary Ingham

Hair by Guy Kremer

Hair by Christel Lundqvist

The super-edgy asymmetrical bob is characterized by sharp asymmetrical lines which are carefully created to suit the face shape and attract attention towards the style of the hair. These sharp lines can be created through cutting the hair at different lengths or adding bold sharp angles to the cuts. Either way the asymmetrical cuts have to be created by a professional.

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