Trendy Hair Highlights Ideas

Experiment with your favorite hair color hues and create the perfect hair highlight to suit your style and skin tone. Go bold or subtle depending on personal preference and you'll definitely look hot. Inspire yourself from the following hair highlights ideas for your next fab look!

Hair color can pose as the easiest option when it comes to a hairstyle and look transformation and there are a variety of ways you can upgrade your hair color. Whether you choose a permanent hair color or a temporary color, it is best to ensure you're making the best choice for you. If you're looking for a cool and trendy look that features a more sophisticated color turn your attention towards trendy hair highlights ideas.

Hair highlights can instantly create an edgy or soft and sensual look depending on the technique used as well as depending on the colors used. You can select simple vertical hair highlights, horizontal highlights (coontails) or hair color panels, chunky or soft depending on personal style and preferences. The hair dye hues available nowadays are absolutely amazing so there is virtually nothing you can't do as far as hair color goes.

Hair by Rush

Hair by D&J Ambrose

Hair by Rush

Hair by Damien Carney for Joico

If vertical hair highlights are your thing you should definitely consider how thick you want the highlights to be. You can mix different width highlights for a cooler look or you can keep things simple and elegant by choosing subtle hair highlights. Depending on your skin tone, base hair color as well as style you can select one or multiple hair dye shades that compliment your complexion perfectly. The most popular hair highlights are brown, blonde, caramel, red and violet but you can go for whatever shades compliment your look. Keep in mind however that the bigger the color between the base hair color and the highlights the bolder the visual effect.

Hair by Trevor Sorbie

Hair by Trevor Sorbie

Hair by Web Collections

Hair by Trevor Sorbie

Horizontal hair highlights are definitely not for everyone but if you all about giving your hair an edgier look they can pose as the right option. The effect obtained by these stripe pattern hair highlights are incredible and attract attention instantly. Coontails as these hair highlights are commonly known are extremely popular among teenagers who adopt the scene look, so you're searching for a fashionable youthful look coontails can work really well. The best color combos for coontails are red or blonde for dark colored hair while for blonde tresses black, pink, violet and electric blue are the most popular choices.

Hair by Vivienne Mackinder

Hair by Rush

Hair by Marc Leeson

Hair by Hair Machine

Paneling hair color is the latest trend when it comes to partially colored hair and your options are vast when it comes to this type of hair coloring technique. This technique works best on short hairstyles and can do wonders for your look. Select your favorite color or go bold and mix different shades for an extravagant, fierce look. Choose bold, right pigmented shades for bold, eye catching look or warmer toned hues for a more subtle yet fabulous hair color.

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