Turn Frizzy Hair Into Shiny Curls

Learn how to turn frizzy hair into shiny smooth curls! Get useful hair care and hair styling tips for naturally curly hair, to banish frizz and make your curly hairstyle look shiny and smooth.

Naturally curly hair types tend to be duller, drier and coarser than straight hair. These also tend to grow slower meaning the ends are older and less healthy and the outer layers of the hair could be damaged.

Raised cuticles can cause tangles and breakage, that's why it's important to moisturize as much as your can and make sure you use products that smooth the surface of the hair.

Naturally curly hairstyles also look shinier when curls are smooth rather then tousled.
Boost moisture levels of dry curly hair by using regularly a hydrating shampoo and conditioner made specially for curly hair types.

When styling, define your curls by wrapping dry sections of hair around a ceramic coated curling iron (which is less damaging on hair as it glides through hair easily) holding for a few seconds, to smooth out curls and make them look more polished and shiny.

To banish frizz and get a smooth finish, use a silicone-based serum to seal the cuticles. Apply both to damp and dry hair, before and after styling.

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