Ways to Get Fabulous Curly Hair

There are a variety of ways to style your tresses curly so check out the following methods and see which ones work for you best.

Curly hairstyles have always been appreciated for their fabulous look, this is why women have always tried to discover new ways of obtaining luscious curls on their non-curly tresses. There are a variety of ways to get fabulous curly hair, methods which can help you create several types of curls on different hair types.

Curly hairstyles look great on short as well as long hair, making them highly popular hairstyles among women. It seems that the new trends in hairstyles have placed surly tresses among the top due to the sophisticated yet simple look they help create. Perfect for casual as well as formal occasions curly hairstyles can be styled in a variety of ways depending on personal preference as well as hair length. In order to obtain a perfect curly hairstyle choose from the following ways to get fabulous curly hair:

The permanent way

It seems that some women look best with curly tresses even if they were not born with them, this is why a permanent solution to styling the curls has been developed by scientists in the 70's. The perm as it is also known is a chemical solution which sets the hair as desired: straight, wavy or curly, making the perm highly popular especially in the 80's. The perm created the curls and allowed the hair to remain curly until the natural hair started to grow, revealing the hairs natural texture.

However due to the harshness of the ingredients used to perm the hair and create the desired curls, women have looked towards other methods which helped them obtain the same results but without the damage. Nowadays using a perm to obtain a curly hairstyle is no longer as popular.

The temporary way

Choosing to style temporary curls throughout your hair can give you the option of sporting your hair differently as often as you wish, versatility in hair styling bringing only benefits when it comes to physical appearance and style. Along time a variety of methods have been developed which are meant to help women curl their tresses as desired and here are the most popular ones:

  • Using the curling iron. The curling iron is a heated hair styling tool which is meant to help create the desired curls throughout the hair. The tool's barrel comes in different sizes to obtain different types of curls from tight to loose. The wider the barrel the looser the curls will be. A narrow hair strand is wrapped around the heated barrel and held into place for several seconds. The hair stand is then removed and the hair receives a fabulous curly look.

  • Using the flat iron. The flat iron can too be used to create fabulous curls but a little bit of skill is needed. The flat iron is placed on a one inch hair strand and flipped to form a "U" shape, after which the iron is slowly moved downwards, creating a curl.

  • Using the hair rollers. Hair rollers come in a variety of sizes just so women can obtain the desired curls. To obtain tight curls the hair is previously washed and small rods are placed to cover all the head area. The hair is then dried under a stand hairdryer so the hair can set and take the shape of the rods. The bigger the rods used to looser the curls obtained will be. Another way to use hair rollers without previously wetting your hair is by using heated hair rollers. The rods are previously heated prior to application on dry hair and the head given off by the rods will help set the hair as desired.

  • curly hairfab curls

  • Using a hair mousse and a blow dryer diffuser. Applying a hair mousse throughout the hair and scrunching it using your fingers can help you get a relatively satisfying result if you have wavy hair. The hair is flipped over and blow dried using the diffuser to obtain the curls. The result however is not as great as using the previous stated methods.

  • Using bendy foam hair curlers. These hair curlers are easy to use and can offer you an alternative to paper hair curling, a method which involves wrapping the hair around a piece of paper to obtain the curls. The bendy hair rollers allow you to easily wrap a hair strand around it and bend the roller into place to set it and prevent the hair from unrolling. The hair needs to be wet before the curlers are placed throughout the hair to obtain the desired result and removed when the hair is dry.

  • These methods work and can help you obtain the curls you have always dreamed of so try all these methods and see which works for you best!

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