Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

Are you preparing for your wedding but haven't found the right wedding hairstyle for you? If that is the case inspire yourself from the following wedding hairstyles so you can look beautiful on your wedding day.

Your wedding is one of the most joyful moments of your life this is why your wedding hairstyle is very important. There are a variety of wedding hairstyles for long hair to choose from just because of the hairs length. Long hairstyles can be styled differently as it's length allows the hair strands to be disposed in a variety of sophisticated styles which create different types of hairstyles.

Everyone knows the importance of hairstyles in physical appearance as a well styles hairstyle can soften one's look and create a lovely appearance while the wrong choice in hairstyling can lead to a not so fortunate look. Because your wedding day is one of the most memorable days of your life it is necessary to ensure that you make the right decision when it comes to everything: your dress, make-up and hairstyle. To make the decision much easier you can inspire yourself from the following wedding hairstyles for long hair, created especially to make you look gorgeous.

Half up/half down hairstyles
The half up/half down hairstyle is a hairstyle that appeals to many women with long tresses as it looks fabulous especially on curly hairstyles. The hair from the front is pulled gently towards the back in the center or slightly on the side to reveal and brighten up the facial features. This type of hairstyle works gorgeously with or without a wedding veil.

Updo hairstyles
Updos are very popular wedding hairstyles as they reveal the facial features and allow the hair to be style in different sophisticated ways. The style of the updo can differ from woman to woman, depending on personal preference. One of the styles that appeals to brides to be most is the updo hairstyles in which individual hair strands are twisted and disposed to create a lovely design. The hair can be decorated with gorgeous natural flowers or hair jewelry or accessories.

Photo by Tom Carson, PSC, Chicago, IL

Photo by Tom Carson, Technicolor Salon, Bethlehem, PA

Pinned up hairstyles
This type of wedding hairstyle uses multiple hair pins to pin the hair in place. There are a variety of ways the hair can be pinned depending on personal preference. Choose to pin your hair tightly or loosely, depending on how you prefer and taking into consideration your facial features.

Bun hairstyles
Buns are very comfortable and easy to create, this is why they are in the top wedding hairstyles preferences. The buns offer a very classical approach to wedding hairstyles and can be created on any hair style easily. Hair accessories adorned throughout the hairstyle look gorgeous and give the hairstyle a little bit of a glamorous touch.

Photo by Tom Carson, John Roberts Salon & Spa,
Cleveland, OH

Photo by Tom Carson, The Hair Benders Int’l Dream Team, Chattanooga, TN

Before you make a decision it is best to consult with a hairstylists as this is your day and a few more dollars shouldn't stand in the way of beauty so make an appointment and look dazzling on your day.

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