Our hair is like a mirror, it reflects several things about our life, eating habits and health. However there are several factors that influence the condition of our hair. The worst enemies of hair can be found either outside, in the environment or right in our homes. Sun We are eager about summer and relax while getting a sun bath, without being aware of the fact that we expose our hair to several damages. By using sun protective hair treatment, we can avoid breakage, split ends and also drying. Wearing your hair in a bun or covered can do miracles in keeping your hair healthy through summer. longblackhairHeat It's a well-known fact that heat has several damaging effects. Whether it is skin or hair, it can dry it out and dehydrate it. One of the worst enemies of hair, blow dryers and other heated appliances can easily weaken the keratin in our hair. It gradually loses its shine and finally breaks. The best way to fight it is to prevent your hair from excessive heat damage, either by avoiding the use of artificial sources of heat or by conditioning and moisturizing the regularly. Water Especially rain water is very damaging. We heard the myth of washing our hair in rain water to make it shiny and healthy. However due to pollution this changed, similarly swimming pool and sea water can also dry out our hair. To avoid deterioration wear a cap or wash your hair immediately after you step out of the pool. Sea water is also harmful due to salt, it not only dries but can also stain hair. Apply conditioners in order to protect hair from harmful effects. Smoking Excessive smoking can also deteriorate the quality of hair. It was demonstrated that nicotine is bad not only for our health in general but also hair. Smoking can decrease blood circulation which is very important to our scalp and capillaries. This can lead to hair loss, since hair won't benefit from the necessary minerals, oxygen and other nutrients. Reduce your daily consumption and you'll immediately feel its benefits. Poor Diet Our hair can easily become the victim of our bad eating habits. Similarly to our skin, hair can reflect the certain vitamin or mineral deficiencies. Minerals and vitamins are basic ingredients to have a healthy body. When we deprive our hair from these, it can break, deteriorate and finally fall out. A diet that lacks these elements can spoil the balance in our body. Excessive consumption of salt, sugar and fat can be very harmful. Try to incorporate foods that are rich in B or C vitamin into your diet, this way you'll provide your hair with minerals to stimulate hair growth and a better blood circulation.